ProLite Plus Binocular Style Speed Detection Lidar

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Pro-Lite+ is compact, lightweight binocular style lidar weighing only 1.2 lbs, including batteries. The Heads-Up Display (HUD) provides 1:1 viewing, without magnification, for precise vehicle targeting, less eye strain and exceptional target accuracy.

When using the HUD you’ll see the target area and surrounding traffic and an illuminated aiming reticle to help you pinpoint your target. The “point-and-shoot” operation is ideal for motor officers or even foot patrol officers. With both eyes remaining open, this lightweight unit allows for hours of operation without eye strain or physical stress.

The environmental mode eliminates affects poor weather conditions may have on shooting. The selectable direction mode prevents unintentional acquisition of opposite lanes of traffic. It also has the capability of setting minimum and maximum target ranges.


• Powered by 2 AA batteries
• Set minimum and maximum ranges to secure critical areas
• Small profile: only 1.3” high and 1.2 lbs.
• Fast, target specific identification
• Continuous tracking history
• Simple interface for easy officer use
• Lanyard and soft carry case


Part Number: 035-0582-00/1787
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ProLite Plus Soft Carrying Case.