Falcon HR Handheld Moving/Stationary Radar

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The Falcon HR is a new K-Band radar system design with revolutionary low-power Directional Technology. The Falcon HR offers the functionality and durability of the higher-end radar systems at a fraction of the cost. It features Moving/Stationary operation, Direction Sensing/Selection, Moving Opposite Operation, SMART Patrol Search and Fastest Vehicle Mode.

Falcon HR Radar with Directional and Fastest Vehicle modes
GSA price: $1,340.02 S&H included within Continental USA

Falcon HR Radar with Directional, Fastest Vehicle & Same Direction modes
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Part Number: 065-0089-01/1623
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Battery Handle.
Part Number: 7031
$160.00 plus S&H
GSA: $132.19
Falcon HR Radar Carrying Case. 
Part Number: 1701
$151.00 plus S&H
GSA: $124.75
Falcon HR Interface to Kustom Signals Video.