Directional Talon II Handheld Stationary Only Radar

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The Directional Talon II Stationary Corded Handle Fastest Vehicle Radar provides new innovative technology for improved performance. With a new antenna design, the unit has longer targeting range, ability to select approaching or receding targets, only elimination of EMI and RFI concerns and greatly reduced patrol speed combining and shadowing. The Directional Talon II has TruTrak and SmartSearch patrol speed software, but with the new antenna and directional capability, it eliminates the need for the “slower’ button.

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Talon II Series Radar Battery Handle with Standard Charger.
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Talon II Series Radar Fastest/Same Direction mode upgrade. 
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Talon II Series Radar Interface to Kustom Signals Video. 
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Talon II Series Radar Carrying Case.