Talon II Handheld Moving/Stationary Radar

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Talon II Moving/Stationary, corded Radar with IR Remote provides total flexibility. Can be used in a patrol vehicle as a handheld or dash mount unit. Talon II uses Digital Signal Processing which allows the unit to operate using features such as speedometer input, Optional same direction and fastest vehicle modes.

Talon II Handheld M/S Radar with Standard Mount
GSA price: $1,763.93 S&H included within Continental USA

Talon II Handheld M/S Radar with Pod Mount
GSA price: $1,835.81 S&H included within Continental USA


SKU: 065-0089-01/1623
$278.00 plus S&H
GSA: $247.86
Talon II Series Radar Battery Handle with Standard Charger.
SKU: CRS 1622
$596.00 plus S&H
GSA: $492.39
Talon II Series Radar Fastest/Same Direction mode upgrade. 
SKU: 155-3250-00/1651
$68.00 plus S&H
GSA: $58.23
Talon II Series Radar Interface to Kustom Signals Video. 
SKU: CRS 7020
$88.00 plus S&H
GSA: $75.37
Talon Series Radar w/handle 7” Dash Mount
SKU: 200-1531-00/1631
$85.00 plus S&H
GSA: $72.80
Talon Series Radar Pod Mod 7” Dash Mount
SKU: 200-1551-00/1632
$85.00 plus S&H
GSA: $73.62
Talon Series Radar Pod Mod Crown Victoria Mount
SKU: 200-1513-80/1610
$169.00 plus S&H
GSA: $144.74
Talon Series Radar mounting Pod (Bail bracket not included)
SKU: 065-0087-00/1629
$160.00 plus S&H
GSA: $137.03
Talon II Series Radar Carrying Case.