Code 3 2100 Series LED Low Profile Lightbar

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Code 3 2100 Series LED low profile lightbar. The 2147A20 is a 47″ lightbar that features 4 front-facing Optix LEDs, 4 rear-facing Optix LEDs and 4 corner Optix LEDs, plus powerful 35 watt Alley and Takedown lights. The lights are available in red, blue and amber with multiple flash patterns or steady-burn. 5-year warranty on LEDs. The 2100 lightbar ships standard with the Code 3 LIT3 Mounting kit. Solid state LEDs draw only 0.5 amp per module, minimizing energy consumption and heat generation. Optional LED or Halogen ArrowStik and LIT3 Mounting kit upgrade which includes LED and/or 55w Halogen lights.

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